About Us

Bright City Church exists to shine with the glory of Jesus Christ transforming lives and communities with the light of his love.

Who We Are

‘You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden’ Matthew 5:14.

We are a family of people from all over the world and from every walk of life who love Jesus. Together we are living to shine the light of his love and good news in our community and across the nations. We worship together on Sundays and meet in smaller groups during the week where we encourage one another to love God and to share His love with others. 

We believe that our message of love and hope should be demonstrated with practical help for those in need and we are very active in our community with numerous growing social action projects.

Our Vision

We see….    a large, growing, multiplying, vibrant and influential church – with people of all ages, all cultures and all walks of life who are passionate about Jesus and passionate about life.

We see…. a church that is passionate about mission, a people who are consistently and diligently engaged in creative ways to penetrate our community and the nations with the light of the Gospel.

We see….. a church that is committed to multiplying itself, sending out it’s best, planting new churches that also multiply themselves-  expanding the kingdom of God.

We see….     a church that knows Jesus intimately, worships him passionately and encounters him powerfully -through worship, prayer and inspired preaching.

We see…    a church family that does life together, that grows together – and loves and cares practically for one another. This is expressed through meeting in each others homes through the week.

We see….  a church that grows big people and a leadership that is committed to equip every member of our church family to know their calling, grow in their gifts and shine for Jesus.

We see ….    a church that is a bright beacon of hope to the broken, the lonely and the hopeless. A church that is concerned for the poor and cares for the vulnerable.

We see….     a welcoming church that loves and values its guests and visitors and makes every effort to express God’s love and to care for them.

Our Values...

Christ Led

We are a people in intimate relationship with God, encountering him in worship and prayer, mobilising with him in the power of the Holy Spirit and communicating his love through the Gospel.

Mission Focussed

We are here “for such a time as this” to shine with the glory of God and make disciples of Jesus in our community and the nations. For Bright City Church this is our purpose and our priority.

Community Centred

Family is at the heart of every community and we will love our church family fervently. We will be known by our extravagant, generous, fun-loving and contagious love for one another and we will invite the broken and lonely into this love. We seek to bless and transform our town pioneering projects that restore, build and strengthen our community.